ExploitedCollegeGirls: Celena


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Celena 01.29.2016

Shy, pretty Celena the Latina is exactly the type of girl you come to Ex Co Gi for. After Celena makes a quick call to her mom (yes, really!) to tell her that everything is cool on her “job interview”, she quickly gets into things and Jay even coaxes an orgasm out of her as she tries a vibrator for the first time. She’s got a fantastic, fit little body with just the right amount of curves in just the right places, and to top it off she’s got the hip action of a hula dancer so be sure to watch ’em closely when Jay gets her into reverse cowgirl. During the Behind The Scenes interview Celena seems a little nervous, but what girl wouldn’t be staring down the barrel of her very first porn shoot? After some conversation, Jay starts to figure her out and gets the idea that all she needs is a firm hand and a strong voice to make her comfortable and he has her hit the floor and start blowing him before the shoot even starts. After Celena checks in with mummy, Jay gets down to business with his fingers and Celena’s first vibrator. She definitely has been missing out on vibrators, much so that in no time at all she lays back into a quiet, intense orgasm. After she catches her breath, she gets back to her knees and blows Jay again, this time really laying on both the tongue action and the eye contact. Celena’s deep, dark eyes and luscious, Latin lips turn out to be an extremely sexy combination and Jay gets as much of her mouth as he can stand before laying her back for some P in V action. After fucking Celena in every position he can think of including some amazing hip swirling, deep penetrating reverse cowgirl action, Jay unleashes a huge, ropey load on Celena’s tongue which she catches perfectly, but absolutely refuses to swallow. Luckily, swallowing isn’t required for Celena to make rent.

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